About WP-Deals.COM

Now you just started your business and want to reach more consumers. Then you make a website to accomplish this. Unfortunately, to make the website more appealing and looks more professional, you are in need of using a commercial plugin or theme. And those items apparently out of your budget which obviously not earning money yet. “How can I compete with other bigger entities then?”, you’re moaning.

Keep Fighting. There Will Always Be A Way Out.

WP-Deals.com try to deal with this barrier. A huge barrier for a startup or learner starting a web development path to increase the skill. We buy the license from its developer instead of cracking or nulling, which we hope can support the developer for continuous development in the future. In other side, we'd also love to encourage people to learn WordPress and build the next 'Just Another WordPress Website'.

WordPress Deals - $10 For Best Premium Plugins and Themes

We offer a simple and affordable pricing for startups and learners. Every item is flat $10 including its license, either lifetime or yearly basis.
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WP-Deals.com is a legit WordPress plugins and themes seller.